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Ancient Superpowers: EGYPT 

The Birthplace of Civilisation? (KS1-2)




WORKSHOP 1 – Mortality and Mummies:

Using drama and role-play young people re-enact the burial rites of the pharaoh Tutankhamun using mummification, Grave goods and rites to create an absorbing & authentic ritual.

  • We learn about the process of mummification, why it was so important and how it prepared people for the afterlife

  • We finish by arranging the mummified remains in a sarcophagus along with burial goods and a ceremony to the gods to send the dead pharaoh on his way to the afterlife


WORKSHOP 2 – Precise Pyramids:

A stunningly creative and hands-on session where young people can examine ancient engineering and building whilst constructing their very own pyramid!

  • we use a selection of small pyramid models to examine the different types of pyramid layout, what they symbolised about the afterlife and how they protected their precious cargo

  • In the second part of this session we construct a large pyramid in the school gym complete with burial chamber using ancient construction methods



WORKSHOP 3 – Diverse Deities:

The huge Pantheon of Egyptian Gods is brought to life in this packed session which includes role play, dressing up, discovery and more

  • We dip into the RtC dress-up box in this session as the young people become some of the most famous of the Egyptian Gods

  • We examine what the gods represented, the building of temples to immortalise them and how everyday life was represented in religion.



WORKSHOP 4 – Barbaric Battles:

One of our most engaging sessions, these follow a structured format of training for war, setting the scene and enacting out the key points of Historic Battles. Choose from 3 different battles:

1. Kadesh,

2. Defeat of the Hyksos,

3. Cleopatra’s Battle of the Nile



•Understanding the nature of Ancient Civilisations

•The achievements and follies of mankind

•Understanding ancient religion and beliefs

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