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Reach the Core was created to provide experiences that encompass a simpler way of life; experiences that connect us with nature, ourselves and the skills & traditions from our history.


Our purpose is to provide immersive activities that allow us to strip away the layers of stress and complication and tap into the core of who we are.  The goal is that this helps us combat the stress of modern life and gives purpose through the pursuit of simplicity.

....experiences from past ages, 

for all ages

Family Activities

Time. Shared.


One of our core beliefs is that people are what matter most in our lives and we need to connect more and better.

Amazing as our modern technological world is, it feels like every interaction we have is short, quick and efficient..... we can fit so much into the day we forget to just be with and around the people we love.

This is the underlying issue we want to try and offer experiences to combat.  We plan and deliver a range of experiences to bring families together, groups with mental health issues to share and support each other, young people to explore who they are and find their path and much more.


It's difficult to share some of these beliefs without sounding 'preachy' but it is important to us that Reach the Core is clear about what we are here for and that you can get a feel for us.

Our journey so far has revealed & embedded the understanding that people need people. Not just for company and to combat loneliness but because we all have 'our thing'.

By sharing 'our thing' to a collective, we all benefit and grow.

RtC is made up of a collection of people that have such a wide range of talents, skills and beliefs we all add to a company that offers so much.

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...what does the future hold?

Since 2014, we have been primarily a mobile company - bringing our experiences and activities to venues and events all over the UK.


This has been wonderful and we will be continuing this for the foreseeable future - (in fact more so as we launch RtC Educate in 2019)!

However, we need a home..... to realise the full potential of RtC and cement our place in the world this is our main goal for the future.

Our ultimate vision is that the RtC family finds a home venue that we base our community from.  This will allow us the ability to establish a home for our experiences but also a community that we hope you will want to come and get involved in.     

Let's see what the future brings.......! 

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