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Education Day Provision

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Pagan Raiders to Christian Settlers (KS1-2)


WORKSHOP 1 – Infamous Invaders

We examine the surprise and shock elicited by the first recorded Viking raid at Lindisfarne Abbey!

  • young people are split into Viking and Saxon groups and compete to reach their objectives

  • we learn about viking sea voyages, the life of a Saxon Monk and much more

WORKSHOP 2 – Fame & Feasting

Celebrating the success of the Lindisfarne raid, we prepare for and carry out a Viking Feast:

  • young people examine the levels of Viking society by preparing for the feast as different elements of viking society

  • we look at the important part sagas and storytelling played as children celebrate the raid through song and story-telling


WORKSHOP 3 – A Game of Stones

Our very own interactive game designed to highlight the chronology and important Historical moments of the ‘Dark Ages’ through gameplay, role-play and drama. 


WORKSHOP 4 – Bereavement, Burials and the Beyond

Through role-play we discover the similarities and differences between Viking and Saxon burials customs, religion and beliefs about the afterlife.

  • we conduct 2 different burial ceremonies to compare the Viking and Saxon customs

  • in part 2 we look at the differences between Pagan and Christian beliefs about heaven and hell and the afterlife


WORKSHOP 5 – Perjury, Penance and Punishment

Setting up 3 different courts of law, young people try, convict and punish a number of cases according to the customs and laws of the time.



WORKSHOP 6 – Barbaric Battles:

One of our most engaging sessions, these follow a structured format of training for war, setting the scene and enacting out the key points of Historic Battles. Choose from 3 different battles:





•Comparing & Contrasting Viking & Saxon Culture

•Understanding non-literary cultures

•Invasion & Conquest

Comparing cultural beliefs

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