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Our Instructors

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The Past Presents... Directors:

James Silcox

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James, as the Creative Director at The Past Presents... plays a guiding hand in the writing of curriculum, designing of activities and  general delivery of programmes.


James has been involved in education for over 20 years across sports coaching, outdoor & adventurous activities, learning outside the classroom and historical interpretation.

He has a passion for alternative approaches to education and a firm belief that young people should be inspired to learn through immersive experiences and hands-on practice.

James has an inexhaustible desire to create new and interesting resources and experiences that can be used as vehicles for learning.  

This motivation is what keeps our sessions exciting, unique, refreshing and valuable.


Medieval Combat
Battle of Britain
Will Scarlet!
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Jed Jaggard

Jed, as the Director of Quality at The Past Presents... ensures that everything we deliver is as authentic and as accurate to history as we can make it.


He has been involved with re-enactment since 1999​​ and has been delivering high quality History Education for the last 10 years.

He actively participates in events all over the country and loves to discover the different ways in which history is presented for the public.
This has allowed him to draw on a range of presentation techniques combining the best to produce a memorable experience.

Although interested in all aspects of history, he has a passion for ​​​​​​​​​​the Cold War period. This has led him to obtaining a former Royal Observer Corps Post which is open to the public on event days and for school sessions. It is the nucleus of a wider ranging project on the Cold War.​​

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Mark Blaymires

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Mark has been involved in Historical Re-enactment and living History for over 23 years.  For the last 10 years Mark has been providing educational historical interpretation services for schools, museums and various historical sites and organisations, including English Heritage, Cardiff Castle Educational Services, Bosworth Battlefield Heritage site etc.


As with all of the Reach the Core staff, Mark has a passionate commitment to providing exciting, relevant, interactive and fun historical educational activities for Schools, Colleges and all lovers of history.

Mark also provides historical equipment fabrication services for collectors, re-enactors and museums, manufacturing arms, armour and artefacts from various historical periods.


Paul Hollingsworth

Paul has worked in Theatre in Education for nearly twenty years providing syllabus-related productions across KS2-4.

He has a Degree in The Study of Shakespeare & Classical Civilisations and in his free time Paul can be found either in chainmail in a field somewhere or working on classic vehicles.

Paul brings a passion for history and combines this with a skilfull dramatic delivery to bring our education sessions to life.

He is also a highly skilled prop maker and helps design and create many of RtC's resources.

History Education Instructors
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