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Our Family Days are the personification of what we are all about.


Families spending quality time together: learning, exploring, challenging and connecting...


In a world as busy as ours, Reach the Core have put our considerable resource into creating these shared experiences so you don't have to.


We know you're busy so let us transport you and your family into a world of wonder!

Family fun time

Our Amazing Adventures...

Wilderness Cooking
Camp cooking

Our most 'back to basics' family experience, this adventure takes you through the skills of the wilderness from fire-lighting to animal tracking in the footsteps of our ancestors!

Hunt a Mammoth, build a shelter, make a bow and arrows and ....... GO PRIMAL!

Here come the Vikings and Saxons!  This epic adveventure puts you in the shoes of these wild, savage but exciting people that invaded our island home.  Learn the martial skills of axe and spear, stand in the shield wall family against family, play hilarious Viking games and generally go wild!!

Spear Throwing Activity
Axe Throwing
Medieval Activities
Medieval Activities for events

One of our most action packed adventures, immerse your family in the sight, sounds and smells of Medieval England.  Experience Longbow Archery, take part in the Trebuchet challenge, Joust on a full-sized rolling horse, conduct a Medieval siege and so much more....!

One of our favourite adventures......we take your family back in time to the wild frontier of the American West!  Learn the skills of the cowboy - riding, bull roping and cattle herding.  Cook up trail food at the Chuck Wagon, face down a gunfighter in the quick-draw challenge learn the ways of the Native Americans

Wild West event activities
Wild West activities

...bringing the family together

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