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Education Day Provision

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Every Day Exploits (KS1-2)

WORKSHOP 1 – Courts & Chivalry

A wonderfully diverse session examining the concepts of knightly valour, court etiquette and chivalry using role-play and drama.

  • Young people learn to dance, enact courtly ceremonies and train as noblemen and women

  • we also examine the differences in the strict roles for men and women of the time


WORKSHOP 2 – Ecclesiastical Enterprises

This session examines the integral part the Church played in everyday life, including enacting monastic life and the importance of religion to the medieval person

  • Children re-enact a day in the life of a medieval monk

  • we look at the role of the church for rich and poor alike


WORKSHOP 3 – Murderous Medieval Medicine

The barbaric Barber-Surgeon reveals to students the bloody, brutal and often hilarious world of medieval medicine in this highly entertaining session.

  • children learn about how the plague was treated through a whole range of weird and wonderful preventions and cures

  • the barber-surgeon conducts a range of battlefield surgeries with mostly horrific consequences!


WORKSHOP 4 – Pleasant Peasant Pastimes

This session takes an in depth look at the lower end of Medieval society. Young people can compare the differences between the nobility and peasants through food, farming, hunting, poaching and everyday life

  • we sample some of the surprisingly tasty foods that were a staple of the peasants diet and compare them to the rich spiced foods of the nobility

  • children work through a typical day in the life of a medieval yeoman





•Everyday life in the middle ages

•Understanding differences in levels of society

•The role of Religion & the Church

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Martial Matters (KS1-2)

WORKSHOP 5 – Castles: Conquest and Control

Students learn the construction and deployment of castles as they plan, build and test the quality of their own constructions.

  • we look at the way castles were used to control territory and pacify large areas with gameplay and topographical maps

  • children design and build their own castle walls which are then tested with our miniature siege engines!

WORKSHOP 6– Severe Sieges

Using RtC’s exclusive range of ancient siege weapons, students can understand the nature of medieval siege warfare and conduct their very own siege!

  • children are given the unique chance to test and shoot real medieval siege weapons at our castle targets to see first hand the destructive power of these incredible machines


WORKSHOP 7 – Weapons & Warfare

This 2-part session looks at weapons, arms and armour and the Arms race that developed throughout the middle ages.   Close focus is placed on characters such as the Knight and Archer

  • children get to touch, feel and try on a wide range of medieval arms and armour as we take an in-depth look at the evolution of medieval warfare at both ends of society

  • where space and weather permit, we provide the opportunity for students to shoot the medieval longbow and experience it's power and effectiveness


WORKSHOP 8 – Barbaric Battles:

Choose from a range of battles in one of our most popular workshop formats. These follow a structured format of training for war, setting the scene and enacting out the key points of Historic Battles  

  • Bannockburn,

  • Agincourt

  • Bosworth




•Development of Society in the Middle Ages

•The Castle Building era

•Key conflicts and their impact on British History

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