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Martial Training in Swordsmanship & Combat

We are very excited to welcome the Order of the Blade into the Reach the Core Family!

The Order is a catch all space where anyone of any experience can learn historical combat across a range of periods and weapons.

It is completely unique in it's ability to offer expert instruction in whatever historical weapons you should choose!

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Join the Order: 

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Emmanuel Church Hall, Forest Road
Loughborough LE11 3NW

Training Times:
Wednesday 20.45-22.30



The Y Theatre, 7 East St, City Centre,
Leicester, LE1 6EY

Training Times:
Tuesday 20.00-22.00


Order Chapters

The Order currently comprises three Chapters in the East Midlands and is expanding after a very busy 2018:

  • Loughborough Town

  • Leicester

  • Loughborough University

As we travel the country with RtC Historic and RtC Educate, we meet all sorts of people who have an affinity for combat and weapons of the past but no place to explore their interest...  


Now with the addition of the Order of the Blade, we can give you a range of options and experiences to explore your passion!


Bring the Order to you:

Junior Warriors

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Brand new for 2020 we are extremely excited to be launching the Order's JUNIOR WARRIORS


Set to launch after Easter, these will be the first clubs of their kind dedicated to training young people from age 10-16 in the skills, challenges and discipline of historical combat.

With a fun and unique grading system, young people will be able to work their way up to full Order level or simply come and enjoy training with sword and shield under expert and safe guidance!

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Watch this space for news on the first Junior Warriors clubs!

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The Orders' Master - Richard Hughes

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It is our absolute privilege to introduce

Richard Hughes: RtC Lead Instructor and

the The Order of the Blade Founder and Swordmaster.

Richard is a Martial Artist and Weapons Instructor of multiple disciplines, who is dedicating his studies to a Cross-Weapon System.  



Richard's martial pedigree is drawn from a diverse, yet strong cross-section of cultures and histories.

Richard has studied a broad field from Eastern influences such as Kenjutsu & Ju-Jitsu, through more modern incarnations such as Krav-Maga,  he also studies the recent revival of the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).


Using this background, Richard works to produce a universal language and system, based on the core fundamentals that all systems draw upon, and develop the tactical ability to decide which technique and method is best suited in any given


Though Richard will always consider himself a student of the arts, he takes keen interest in developing those around him. Through his insights and training methods, Richard enables his students to recognise key weaknesses and, through their understanding of core principles, develop unique techniques and methods, drawing inspiration from existing solutions and from their own experiences. 


When not holding a weapon or in training gear, Richard is a keen study of military history, developing his tactical ability and improving his understanding of strategy to further the aims of his martial practices.

Richard considers himself a dedicated student of the arts of strategy and combat and aims to give others the chance to grow through these studies, guiding them and helping nurture a similar passion for the arts.


Richard joined the team in 2018 and has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge with him that strengthens RtC's provision enormously.

He has helped us design and create RtC Historic's WARRIOR TRAINING Activities and is working feverishly on a range of brand new experiences for RtC Experience that we will be launching in 2019.

You'll be seeing a lot more of Richard in the future and we can't be more pleased to have him on board!

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