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Education Day Provision

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The birthplace of Democracy? (KS2)

WORKSHOP 1 – Growth of Government

Using drama and role-play this is a really unique look at how the various City States of Greece experimented with 

many of the worlds current forms of government.

  • We examine 4 different types of government that Ancient Greek city states developed

  • Young people role play each form as used in 4 different city states and then 'pitch' before a panel why their type of government is the most effective

WORKSHOP 2 – The Original Olympics:

One of our most active sessions – young people will recreate

the Ancient Olympics, trying all the events as well as 

comparing how the modern Olympics has developed from

its original themes

  • We take an in depth look at the original elements of the Ancient Olympic games including role-playing the religious beginning to the festival

  • Young people learn about the little known Heraia, a version of the games held for women only

  • Children take turns competing in some of the more spectacular events including the hoplitodromos, chariot racing and pankration.

WORKSHOP 3 – Gods, Gorgons & Gryphons:

The Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece are brought to life using role play & drama in this weird and wonderful session

  • we use our fantastic resources to act out some of the most famous myths and legends of Ancient Greece, learning about the morals behind them and what they taught society

  • Children use our props and clothing to become the full panoply of Greek Gods

WORKSHOP 4 – Barbaric Battles:

One of our most engaging sessions, these follow a structured format of training for war, setting the scene and enacting out the key points of Historic Battles. Choose from 3 different battles:

Thermopylae, Marathon or Plataea



•Understanding the nature of Ancient Civilisations

•The achievements and follies of mankind

•Understanding the terms ‘Empire’, ‘Civilisation’ & ‘Government’

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