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New for 2020!
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Combat Display Team

The Order of the Blade Combat team provides a range of Historical Combat Displays for events and venues nationwide.

Our Combat Display Team was created to provide demonstrations and displays that are exciting, realistic and authentic.

Our Displays contain Historical Knowledge wrapped up in exciting delivery that is immersive and engaging for all ages.

The secret of our innovation is that everything is authentic, when we fight, we get hit...when we shoot at each other, we get hit!

The 'Men-at-Arms' Tourney

Dates In 2020

26-31st May - Royal Armouries Leeds: Field of Cloth of Gold Tournament

5th July - Verulam School: Verulam Medieval Festival

Our 'Men at Arms' Tourney has come about to combine 2 areas of Visitor Entertainment: The visual impact of live re-enactment, and the visceral nature of actual hand-to-hand martial arts.

Our Tournament features actual trained fighters who Actually fight each other.....properly!

There is no choreography and the outcomes are unknown

The fights are conducted to our Order of the Blade 'Challenge' Rules....

This means that only potentially killing blows are scored!

Real life sword fights are boring to watch for most of us...they are over very quickly and you can't follow the speed.....

so our fighters practice and train to 'show' their skills whilst also trying to hurt their opponents!

Our Combat Display Team is available for Events all over the UK

Please contact us for more information

Archery Through the Ages

The Medieval Archer:

An exciting and interactive display showing the power of the English Longbow, its effectiveness on the battlefield against Armour and the skill required to be deadly accurate!

Myths & Legends: Robin Hood:

A display with a story - this show take the audience on a journey through the legends of Robin Hood, his prowess in the tournament and the skills of the Merry Men of Sherwood.


Archers Vs shields:

A visceral display showing how the shield wall can be used effectively against archers but also when they are out of arrows, what a trained archer can do with secondary weapons.

Our Combat Display Team is available for Events all over the UK

Please contact us for more information


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