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Education Day Provision

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Britannia: The Last Frontier (KS1-2)


WORKSHOP 1 – Conquest of the Celts

This session examines why the Romans came to Britain and compares and contrasts the differences between the Romans and the Celtic tribes they met.  

  • Young people dress up as key characters of both the Roman army and the Briton tribal forces

  • We use a huge range of authentic equipment and clothing to show the differences between the two peoples and how they clashed when the Romans invaded



WORKSHOP 2 – Legendary Legions

A two-part completely immersive session where students 

become army recruits, drill & train, shoot artillery and

learn the discipline of Roman legionaries.

  • In part 1 children learn the impressive discipline of the professional soldiers that made up the Roman Legions

  • In part 2 young people have the unique opportunity to practice, test and shoot a range of Roman torsion artillery as they learn how these fearsome weapons helped Rome conquer the hill forts of the Celts


WORKSHOP 3 – Carnage in the Coliseum

One of our signature sessions, with the use of cutting edge props and scene setting we recreate the mayhem and madness of the Arena and the important part it played in Roman life.

  • we examine why games were put on, by who and for what outcomes

  • students role-play different aspects of the games with dressing up and commentary



WORKSHOP 4 – Barbaric Battles:

One of our most engaging sessions, these follow a structured format of training for war, setting the scene and enacting out the key points of Historic Battles. Choose from 3 different battles:

1. Caer Caradoc

2. Boudicca’s Defeat

3. Battle of Medwayy




• The power of the Roman Army

• Contrasting the Romans and Celts

• Invasion & Conquest: Rome’s impact on Britain

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