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Workshop Categories

Education Day Provision

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These sessions are almost entirely active with young people taking part in the historical activity by learning the skill and then doing it.



These sessions are fully immersive by having the young people act out set pieces, become historical figures and role play alongside our ‘in-character’ Instructors.



The backbone of these sessions is young people using information and role play to examine differences and similarities both between historical cultures and our modern world



These sessions are characterised by our Instructors setting the scene and providing props, equipment and resources for young people to explore their own problem solving and creativity.  The outcome is fluid every time.

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To help choose the best workshops to fit your requirements, we have categorised all of our workshops to ensure you can put together a well-rounded experience.


We have designed our workshops to encourage different types of interaction and participation so your young people get the very best out of our visit. 

When compiling a day programme, we suggest picking sessions that provide a mixture of our categories to enhance your student's experiences. 

We suggest you pick at least 1 'Active & Physical' session, and at least 1 'Role Play & Drama' session.

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