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The Past Presents... exists to bring our own unique brand of immersive education to support schools in delivering the curriculum.

We believe our young people deserve an ongoing commitment from us to provide new and engaging environments and vehicles through which they can solidify their learning.

We want to be the go-to choice for schools that are looking for one-of-a-kind, 'wow-factor' experiences that young people remember

for a long time.... 

...learning through immersion

Photo 01-10-2018, 10 13 24.jpg do we achieve this?

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Simply put, we design everything from scratch...

for you.

We start with the curriculum and choose key learning areas we want to tackle.  

We then go through all the awesome, crazy and 'perfect world' ideas we can think of to enhance the learning in those areas.

(this is our favourite bit :-)

Next we throw a healthy dose of realism at each session to make sure we can deliver within all of the 'real world' variables we encounter. 

What's left is a session that's as close to the original vision as we can make it... designed, resourced and delivered entirely with your young people in mind! 

...why book The Past Presents?

Ultimately?....because we go above and beyond to meet and exceed your needs.

There are many great providers out there, what sets us apart is our commitment to exceeding expectations.

We Don't...

  • talk at young people for extended lengths of time

  • limit the resources we bring because it takes too long to set up 


We Do...

  • engage 100% of young people in activity at least 90% of the time

  • bring to bear the most unique, 'wow-factor' resources to enhance our experiences

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Our Education Department has a website of it's very own!!

Check us out at:

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