Education Day Provision

Stone Age Man: 

The Blueprint for Society (KS1-2)


Workshop 1 – Massive Megaliths

In this completely unique 2-part session, students examine the period of stone-circle building and explore some of the reasons our ancestors built them.

  • In small groups, they then construct their very own miniature ‘Stonehenge’ in the classroom representing beliefs that were important to our ancient ancestors.

  • After sharing their construction with the rest of the class, they move outside or to the hall to construct a life-size Stone Henge using ancient transporting and lifting technologies!


Workshop 2 – Harmonious Hunters

In only the way that RtC Educate can deliver, this session explores the tools, skills and wildlife our Ancestors would have hunted with.

  • Chase the Mammoth! Students will play some simple hunting games to learn the skills needed for hunting in groups

  • With real children sized spears, the young people will learn how to handle this most ancient tool safely and effectively

  • Utilising the ultimate ancient hunting weapon, children use bows and arrows to hunt our 3D targets to bring home the food!


Workshop 3 – Stone-Age Skills

With a range of Stone Age tools and techniques, students try to master a host of everyday prehistoric skills.

  • Depending on time, we have a round robin of up to 7 different stations of Prehistoric skills!

  • Animal skin processing using real animal skins and stone tools

  • Percussion Fire-lighting with flint and Iron Pyrites

  • Shelter preparation with our purpose built animal hide tipi

  • Friction fire-lighting with bow and hand drills

  • Stone Spear Making

  • Creative Imagination - students access a range of natural materials to create their own tool, weapon, jewellery or decoration


Session 4 – Ancient Artistry:

This session examines the link between nature and religion as students prepare natural materials for cave painting and ceremonial use and undertake a ritual painting to call the gods for a successful hunt.

  • Young people examine examples of prehistoric art, what it represents and why it was important to stone age people

  • we prepare and mix a range of natural pigments from plants and rocks using stone tools 

  • The young people create their own special art on our bespoke cave wall



•Neolithic technology and tools

•Prehistoric religion and beliefs

•Basic Hunter Gatherer skills 

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